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About Us


This four story apartment building has been newly refurbished and updated into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. The owner has put much time and effort into ensuring that the experiences of his guests will be of the highest quality. The interior has a pleasingly modern feel, and the views from the upper stories are spectacular. New floors and cabinets, along with new appliances all throughout the building will provide consistent comfort. The Central Mountains are easily seen from the northern rooms and provide a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these natural monuments.

Each of the 4 rooms available for rent have their own private refurbished restrooms as well as flat screen wall-mounted televisions. Each room has 2 separate beds that can be combined into a larger king sized bed to fit the needs of guests. (This can be done before your arrival for your convenience.) Separate wall-mounted air conditioning units are installed in each room along with desk and closet space.
Breakfast can be provided by the owner upon request, and other food can be easily obtained at local nearby restaurants as well as multiple convenience stores. A close-by organic garden and chicken farm are readily available sources of fresh food each morning for breakfast. All of the popular tourist destinations in Hualien are accessible, and tours are readily available from 3 licensed guides. Bicycles are free for tenants to use.

Pricing is competitive with other Bed and Breakfasts in Hualien. Each night is priced at NT$1400(around US$48). A week-long booking will be priced at NT$8000 (US$280) and a month-long booking will be NT$22000(US$750). Continental breakfast meals will be included with additional cost, and each includes the opportunity to take advantage of our tour and transportation services.
The owner and operator of this Bed and Breakfast has lengthy experience in the service industry. He opened and managed a similar establishment on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. He has worked and lived throughout the world, including the United States and Shanghai. He speaks fluent English as well as Chinese, and is comfortable with customers from all cultures and walks of life. He desires his guests to enjoy their stay free from inconveniences and with the assurance that their privacy is paramount.





The 123 B&B Add:No.123, Jioucun 6th St., Ji’an Township, Hualien County 97364, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Phone:0966-652-569
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